VIDEO – “Gotta Ride” Video BTS Part I

┬áSO…I have been experimenting with some video shoots lately and have came up with some interesting stuff. This video clip is the result of some short video shoots and some not so short editing sessions. Thankfully I have access to some editing stations at my office so I can knock out the rest of the video when I have finished with the main shoot.

Of course this is going to serve as the music video for my single, “Gotta Ride” ft. Jesse Tha Juggla of EMP Music. This will be the first video in a line of many from EMP Music that I hope to get out this summer. With the help of some creative input from EMP Music I hope to define the look and “feel” of the videos that they would like to achieve. From the creative meetings with the guys (and Gals lol) we all are looking forward to experimenting with different looks and color correction effects to enhance what we capture live on location.

I will be posting more about this and other video projects in the upcoming weeks, as well as some behind the scenes content and maybe some random tests that strike my eye!!

Here is the entire song for your listening pleasure!


BLOG – Summer Time, Grind Time….

So things have been very, very relaxed since the end of the spring semester. In fact, this is the first post that I have written since the end of finals week, and I am happy to say that I am glad to be back in action. I took a little brake from everything and took a little time for myself and the family. The time off was good but soon the work bug got to me and before I knew it I was working on random stuff in my home studio.

Don’t get me wrong, balancing house work and keeping the family on track is a full time gig in the first place, but trying to manage files, plan photo shoots, and write & record music only adds to the chaos. I am thankful that I have some amazing people in my corner helping me stay on track with things, and help calm my nerves (even when they sometimes add to the stress :P).

I have a few new music projects in the works, and TONS of images that need to be color corrected and tagged, so new content is on the way (NEW Photo sets from March, April and May!!!). The new music is a collection of collaborations with the Legion of Doom, Killa digital, LoveLi One, and Jesse the Juggla, as well as the remainder of the “Engaged to the Game” mixxtape. The Photo sets are a few from around the studio and a few candid images of my family life, so the sets will be a little more closer to home.

I have been writing a treatment for a few music video projects that I hope to get going before the summer ends. I have a few dedicated people willing to put in some time and help get these projects done, so I’m not worried about putting it together. I want to put in the time and effort to make these videos really stick out from the other local musicians in my area. It is something close to me and I want the finished material to be high quality, and something that everyone involved could be proud of.

There will be a few shows coming up in the month of June and July, and even the possibility of going on tour in Texas and ending in California. I have to work out the details and see if I will be able to get the team ready to go on the road, but if anything comes up I will keep you all posted.

So I guess all in all things have been good, but better things are on the way!! So stay strong my friends and always do what you love for the love, not for the money….So say we All!!!

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