VIDEO – “Gotta Ride” Video BTS Part I

 SO…I have been experimenting with some video shoots lately and have came up with some interesting stuff. This video clip is the result of some short video shoots and some not so short editing sessions. Thankfully I have access to some editing stations at my office so I can knock out the rest of the video when I have finished with the main shoot.

Of course this is going to serve as the music video for my single, “Gotta Ride” ft. Jesse Tha Juggla of EMP Music. This will be the first video in a line of many from EMP Music that I hope to get out this summer. With the help of some creative input from EMP Music I hope to define the look and “feel” of the videos that they would like to achieve. From the creative meetings with the guys (and Gals lol) we all are looking forward to experimenting with different looks and color correction effects to enhance what we capture live on location.

I will be posting more about this and other video projects in the upcoming weeks, as well as some behind the scenes content and maybe some random tests that strike my eye!!

Here is the entire song for your listening pleasure!


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