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Hey guys it’s Inviere here, coming back again with another post for all of you out there in internet land. I hope everyone is doing good and that today see’s you as a better person than yesterday. I’m in the home studio today about to get back to work on a few things, but I wanted to let you all know that a NEW PODCAST is on the way. I have been writing for this one and doing some research just so things run a bit smoother and I don’t ramble as much. There will be a few different issues that I will speak on, a few local news lines, as well as some stuff from the underground press, alternative media, and from my own zine, “Stone Robot”. There will be tons of stuff including some good tunes to blend things all together, so make sure to check it out. (I will be recording this as soon as I finish this post….#excellent!)

I will give a track listing, and a break down of the topics that are mentioned in the podcast. Till then, have a good one, be safe and as always….Keep the fight alive!


ART – EMP Stencil Design


EMP Stencil Design

Yo, it’s Inviere back again bringing you some cool stuff from the studio. Recently I have been going back to my artistic roots and started this project while on the winter break. I had gotten some ink for my printer (nothing fancy) for some school finals and had some left over cardboard so I put he two together and threw some spray paint into the mix. The final product was only the start, as I came up with what you see above. I plan to make more out of some plastic so they can last, and maybe using these stencils for some quick and dirty graphic tee’s.

More stuff like this is on the way, and I’ll make sure to post some more art projects as they materialize. As always, thank you for the continued support and keep the fight alive…


NEW MUSIC – “On The Grind” – Joseph Inviere Ft. Jesse Tha Juggla



Whats up world!? It’s Inviere again with some new music from the EMP camp. Here is another one off the “Engaged to the Game”. This one is featuring the five star general himself, Jesse Tha juggla. This track is another hit to smoke and sip to, and is dedicated to all the real people out there on the grind. Get your money and make your moves, stay on the grind world…

Thank you for your continued support! Keep the fight alive…so say we all…

NEW MUSIC – “Smokin It, Pouring It”


Check out my new single from the Engaged to the Game Mixtape, “Smokin It, Pourin It”. Currently the Single is only for streaming, but I will be putting together the download pack soon so stay posted!! The Mixtape features local Cruces rappers, Jesse Tha Juggla, Don Grim, and more!!

Keep the fight alive, and thank all of you for your support!

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