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Hey guys it’s Inviere here, coming back again with another post for all of you out there in internet land. I hope everyone is doing good and that today see’s you as a better person than yesterday. I’m in the home studio today about to get back to work on a few things, but I wanted to let you all know that a NEW PODCAST is on the way. I have been writing for this one and doing some research just so things run a bit smoother and I don’t ramble as much. There will be a few different issues that I will speak on, a few local news lines, as well as some stuff from the underground press, alternative media, and from my own zine, “Stone Robot”. There will be tons of stuff including some good tunes to blend things all together, so make sure to check it out. (I will be recording this as soon as I finish this post….#excellent!)

I will give a track listing, and a break down of the topics that are mentioned in the podcast. Till then, have a good one, be safe and as always….Keep the fight alive!


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