PHOTO SET: “Crimson”


Hey all you out there in there multiverse!! It’s Inviere here with another photo set!! This time I had the pleasure of shooting one of my good friends from the local scene and happily, the set came along wonderfully! We had a little time to unwind before the shoot and we got our ideas together before diving head first into, what I would call, “One of the craziest set’s we’ve ever done in the EMP Studios…”

To make a long story short, we got a lot of good shots, learned a lot, and ruined a few carpets, but the proof, as always is in the shots. So here are my picks for the “Crimson” Photo set at EMP Studios. Hope you all enjoy and I’ll keep you posted for all the new sets coming soon!!

Until then, Inivere signing off!! Be safe world and keep the fight alive!!!

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