PHOTO SET: “Night Life”


Good evening ladies and Gents! It’s your main man Inviere Here with yet another, short….yet AMAZING Photo SET!!! SO LETS GET IT!!!!!

This set is a little mish-mash of left over shots from the photo shoot and concert review. I was in the parking lot and I ran into a few good friends and had a few drinks, then decided to take a few shots of the lovely Nicole and Oriana. Soon we had lit the parking lot on fire with the shots we were taking and some of the other “male” concert goes were excited by the frenzy that my camera had caused. So, we cut the photo set short and made a pact to shoot again someday…..just with out as many onlookers.

All and all it was a good day, I had gotten footage from the concert, photos of the nights event, and made connections with the venues owners (see above link for details). So I was happy with the results. SO boys and girlies, Like and share to your hearts content and please come back for more photos and stories from the underground!

Be safe out there in the waste land and keep the fight alive! Till next time, I’m Joseph Inviere, Fighting till I can’t, signing out!!!

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