MUSIC UPDATE – “How We Get Down” Remix


What’s up guys and girls? It’s Inviere here with a quick little update on some music and recent collaborations, so let’s get to it!

I was recently contacted by a friend of mine that goes by the name of DJ Truman (, and he wanted to know if he could remix a track from my “Engaged To The Game” mixtape. Naturally I was excited to work with DJ Truman, so we swapped files and began the process. I had been waiting for a collaboration for a while now, ever since I had played a few Truman tracks for the Last Call show on KRUX 91.5, and now we had to chance to make that happen.

This morning I opened my email and found the first sample of the track and I got an idea of how the sound was shaping. I was defiantly impressed with both the production and the direction of where the track was going, so I am really excited for the finished product!

I’ll keep you all posted with all the updates as soon as they happen! But in the mean time take a listen to the original song!

As always, keep the fight alive and watch yourselves out there in the wastelands!!


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