ART – Legion of Doom “Cut Throat” Tee V1&2


Whats up everyone out there in the wastelands!? It’s Inviere back again with another late night/early morning post, but this time with some new graphic tee concepts and promos! So lets get it!!

So nothing really too crazy here kiddos. I was going through some of the many (many) out takes of the “Crimson” Photo set, and I found something that I knew I had to make public. So I worked a little late night mojo and came up with a design that I would proudly wear as a daily uniform. With the help of the Five Star General, we got the word out to the far side of the multiverse and contacted fellow legion of doom members #Prometheus and #CBRD and got the green light on the production of these tees.

Soon we will flood the underground with these tees and spread our nihilistic manifesto in the most hated form, MASS COMMERCIALISM!!!! (just kidding, no ill intentions indented). But soon we will provide these tees to the true believers of the underground as we quickly build out network.

So Stay tuned children of the cosmos! We will keep you WELL INFORMED with all the latest developments with the LEGION OF DOOM Uprising!!!

Till Next time, be safe and keep the fight alive!!

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