VIDEO – “All Work, No Play” (2012)


“All Work, No Play” (2012)

Jesse Tha Juggla Ft. Los Means Dinero


What up everyone out there in the multiverse!! It’s Inviere here with another throwback episode! and to kick things off it’s a video by Jesse Tha Juggla FT. Los Means Dinero of The High Society and the LOE Family.

Special guest cameos include, Dok INF of the High scociety and LOE Family, Don Grim and Big G of MLP, and of course yours truly Joseph Inviere of EMP Music and Editor of Stone Robot and Vault 42.

The video was produced by the guys at “In your Face Productions”, and we did our part to make the shoot more “Elevated”. All and all the shoot was a good one and we all have good memories of the day. Shout out to Big G for providing the beat, and everyone that made a cameo.

I will be going through all the old stuff in this new series I call “throwback episodes”. So keep an eye out for all the forgotten freshness coming back out into the world!!

As always, till next time ladies and gents be safe and keep the fight alive!