VIDEO – Legion of Doom Album Promo Ft. Jesse Tha Juggla


Whats up multiverse?!?! Its Inviere here with another video for all of you out there in this crazy, crazy world!!

We recently made a hyper jump to the central sector and met up with the fellow members of the Legion of Doom, #Prometheus and #CBRD and we went over the plans for the next chapter of our domination. After going over and finalizing the battle plans, we each sat down and announced our doctrine to the sectors that we control. The first of these highly encrypted documents is released into the human universe by the simple means of the internet and mass communication, while in other parts of the milky way it will be transferred via holo-screens and live-net.

The first of these messages is brought to you by the Master of Nuclear Arms, the Five Star General, Jesse Tha Juggla.

In the presented document, we, the Legion of Doom, announce the upcoming Album.

To all our devoted followers, keep the faith and heed these messages, we will guide you. We are Legion. Keep the Dream ALIVE, Fight Till we Can’t…