ART – Undead Gangsta WIP




“Undead Gangsta” – Joseph Inviere

(Work in Progress)

Greetings from the EMP Command center! It’s Inviere here with another post for everyone on assignment, on deployment, or recently coming back from another tour of duty! Greetings and salutations comrades, and I hope the day finds you better than yesterday. Here is another work in progress from myself, as I slowly try to master my inner demons and condemn them to canvas.

This piece is the first of a series that I hope can help me improve my skills as an artist, but help my heal my soul as well. I have been battling the forces at our walls for a while now children, and I fear that I have become a little weary of the future; and to be honest, it has dawned on me that I would like to create as much art as I can before our city walls fall and we must fight that great fight. But not to worry warriors! It will be a long and dirty road before it comes to that, and the lords know that we will prevail in the end! So with that in mind enjoy this work in progress, and when it is finished, I will post the final product.

Until then, keep you knives sharp and your skills sharper! I will see you all on the battlefield comrades! So say we all!




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