“The Black Blood” CD


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Hello Multiverse! It’s Inviere here with a NEW MUSIC UPDATE!!!

Here it is ladies and Ghouls, “The Black Blood”! The new album that expresses the more dark side of my music and mentality. I was in a dark place personally when I was working on this album, and to be honest; it really affected my life on more levels than one. I learned a lot about myself while writing for the album, and managed to express a new vision with my music production.

Although it was a short process, and since the product was only 5 songs, I still managed to get what I wanted to express out and into the world. Originally, this was going to be the first in a line up of 3 albums that told the story of the fall of man, but it may still happen so you never know. But for now, The Black Blood is now out there…lurking in the dark underground…waiting….

The Album is available for purchase and the Above link, and as always your Support is always appreciated…