#EMPowered Sticker Merch



Whats good everyone out there in the multiverse! It’s your host Joseph Inviere, back with an update on the NEW MERCH!

These little guys just shipped in and they are ready to head out into the wastelands and spread the word! Not only will some of these be send out to the front lines, but a select few will be sent out with all CD orders, and all Art or Merch purchases! That means that these guys will be pulling point for all your orders from the site! How you deploy them is your decision!

As an added Mission, tweet a picture of these little guys in action and show your support for the EMP Movement! Use the hashtags, #EMPOWERED, or, #EMP_MUSIC, and show your support! Click the Join Link on the right and receive new missions and mission updates by signing up for the EMP newsletter!

Hope everyone out there is staying safe! Like always, keep the fight alive!



“EMP Tee” Mock Ups


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Hey whats up guys and gals? Its Inviere here with a little design that I wanted to share with all of you!. As you all may know we are trying to get some awesome things to offer you all, and here is yet another tee that is in the works!

This is the standard issue EMP Tee. This is something that I would like to offer online as well as at live events. These will also be included with gift sets, and promo packs. These will include one shirt, an exclusive CD or DVD (coming soon!) as well as two street team stickers!

These are waiting to be finalized and will go into production soon. As of this post, the stickers are still on their way, but soon all the pieces of these exclusive package will be put together soon and will be live at the store! So until then, here are the mock ups of the two designs that I am Planning to come out with by the start of fall..

As always, I want to say be safe out there in the wastelands, and keep the fight alive! So say we all!


“Cold And Alone” (Classic Tracks)


Whats up wasteland wanderers?!? It’s your faithful host Joseph Inviere! Now, my children of the night, I bring you yet another “Classic Jam” that reflects the darker side of myself.

Yes!  As you all may know this track is on the recent release the black blood, my not-so-hidden solo project that is now for sale at our online store!

I wanted to add this song to the classic list, just because it is truly close to me, and sometimes when I listen to this track I feel that some of the every day bull shit might just go away and that the light at the end of the tunnel is some sort of  way out.

Join me in a toast warriors. I Have been given a vision of peace. Stand with fellow brothers at the gates of the great transition. From the old to the new, the great times have came and gone. Now is the time of the great transition. Choose our side in the battle for…the battle for what we hold dear. Time to make a change, time to make a stand…

Like always, be safe out there in the wasteland, and keep the fight alive!


“L.O.D.” (Classic Tracks)


Once again multi-verse, it’s your host, Joseph Inviere here! I wanted to add this post before I decided to return to my bunk for the night. But here is another post in the “Classic Tracks” set, and this one is guaranteed to get a little crazy.

This track is one that solidified the creation of one of the most sinister super groups, the one, the only, Legion of Doom. This track was one of the first to feature all the member of the group including, CBRD, Prometheus, Jesse Tha Juggla, and myself. It will always be close to my heart and will be a personal favorite if I need to release some rage or celebrate a clean kill!

Check out the song and let the Legion assimilate your soul! All Hail DOOM!

Till next time kiddies, it’s Inviere signing off and wishing you all a good night! Be safe and keep the fight alive!