D.O.A. Album Art



“D.O.A. – Dead on Arrival” – Cover art by Joseph Inviere

Whats up world?! It’s Inviere here bringing you a special post, with some special art for everyone out there in the Multiverse.

Here is the cover art for Jesse Tha Juggla’s new mixtape, “D.O.A. – Dead on Arrival” slated to come out soon! I was given the task to create the cover art for his latest work, and we both sat down and knocked it out. We both had a picture in our heads of the content, so like always, it was a quick set up with amazing results!

I’ll make sure to post the free download links once we get the hard copies back, so you all can get your copies!

As always, be safe out there and stay strong! I hope you enjoy the new cover art and when it drops, I will make sure to hook all you up extra dope!! Until then, good hunting and stay wicked!!