“EMP Sticker” 3 x 3

Hey whats up guys! It’s Inviere here with another post from the EMP outpost!

Now I know its been a little bit since my last post but I assure you that everything is going good, and the EMP Military has been busy behind the scenes working some new freshness for all our family out there. Now, speaking of new freshness, I want to introduce you to your new weapon to spread the EMP message!

Pictured above is the latest weapon for all our street warriors out there! This will help up build your ranks and spread the word about the EMP mentality! I will be personally handing the first of these devices to the warriors in the Las Cruces Wastelands, then after a  short field test they will be available here for the rest of the ranks!

Once the first shipment of these propaganda devices arrive, they will be available in the newly created STORE Page! There the stickers will be along side all the other merchandize, including my new CD, “The Black Blood”.

Stay posted boys and girls for more updates and more interesting weapons and tactics in the underground wars! Till then, Stay sharp and good hunting!!