MUSIC – “All Day” (Classic Tracks)


Hello wastelanders and space pilots!! Inviere here and  I hope everyone out there is staying safe and staying focused! I just wanted to share a few of my favorite tracks to ease the shell shock of the real world. Consider this collection of posts a little escape from the everyday nonsense, and a little chance to disarm, and take a breath before going back to war. I waned to call this collection something like, “Throwbacks” or, ” Greatest Hits”, but that all sounded too final for me, so I settled on “Classic” instead.

This collection of posts are my picks from past projects and collaborations that I feel deserve another share. So expect to see a bunch of different tracks coming up, but as promised; they will not let you down!

So to kick it off is a little track featuring Jesse Tha Juggla, where we both preach about the benefits of alternative medicine (lol). This track is one of my favorites because I personally like the “feel” and “flow” of the song. To me I think it is an excellent example of the music to listen to while you chill out with some fine ladies and burn one…or two. I hope you feel the same and take the time to enjoy the audio deliciousness!

Naturally, I want to tell all you warriors out there in the United Wastelands, as always, keep the fight a live and good hunting!

So Say We All..



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