“L.O.D.” (Classic Tracks)


Once again multi-verse, it’s your host, Joseph Inviere here! I wanted to add this post before I decided to return to my bunk for the night. But here is another post in the “Classic Tracks” set, and this one is guaranteed to get a little crazy.

This track is one that solidified the creation of one of the most sinister super groups, the one, the only, Legion of Doom. This track was one of the first to feature all the member of the group including, CBRD, Prometheus, Jesse Tha Juggla, and myself. It will always be close to my heart and will be a personal favorite if I need to release some rage or celebrate a clean kill!

Check out the song and let the Legion assimilate your soul! All Hail DOOM!

Till next time kiddies, it’s Inviere signing off and wishing you all a good night! Be safe and keep the fight alive!