#EMPowered Sticker Merch



Whats good everyone out there in the multiverse! It’s your host Joseph Inviere, back with an update on the NEW MERCH!

These little guys just shipped in and they are ready to head out into the wastelands and spread the word! Not only will some of these be send out to the front lines, but a select few will be sent out with all CD orders, and all Art or Merch purchases! That means that these guys will be pulling point for all your orders from the site! How you deploy them is your decision!

As an added Mission, tweet a picture of these little guys in action and show your support for the EMP Movement! Use the hashtags, #EMPOWERED, or, #EMP_MUSIC, and show your support! Click the Join Link on the right and receive new missions and mission updates by signing up for the EMP newsletter!

Hope everyone out there is staying safe! Like always, keep the fight alive!