Whats up world? It’s Inviere here with a quick announcement! I was asked by fellow Legion of Doom Member #CBRD if I wanted to take part of this collaboration of super villains, and of course, I said yes! Soon, the rest of the Legion of Doom and I were working hard on our contributions to the project. My brothers, Jesse Tha Juggla, Prometheus, and CBRD, are all hard at work on their individual tracks and we will all contribute to a new Legion of Doom track.

We have already submitted our the beginning tracks and photos for the super villain avatars and now we are just waiting for everything to come in. We should be receiving hard copies of the album, as well as a special intro from the one and only Twisted Insane! I will keep you all posted about the progress of the project as the updates roll in.

I will personally make sure that you all get a chance to both pre-order the album from #UGH, as well as order from our site store! So keep a close eye on the site in the next few weeks for updates on how to pre-order your copy of UGH53!

Until then, Much love to everyone out there and keep the fight alive!