UGH53 UPDATE! Avatars!

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Whats up world!?! It’s your faithful host, Joseph Inviere, here with another update on the #UGH53 Album. As I mentioned a few days ago, the Legion of Doom is in the process of taking over the UGH53 album and as a part of the deal, we were to receive custom super villain avatars. To sweeten the deal, each of us received a personalized intro from Twisted Insane!!

As mentioned, we all have submitted our tracks and now we have received the first sneak peaks of our AVATARS!!!

So without further delay, I bring you the #LOD in super villain form!! Enjoy Family!!! I’ll keep you posted on how to pre-order the album as well as how you can order your copy from the site personally, as well as when you can get yours personally from the LOD!!

Until then, as always, much love and keep the fight alive!!