UGH53 UPDATE!! PRE Order!!

UGH53 pre-order Pre-Order

Whats up world!?!? It’s your host as always, Joseph Inviere! Back again with another post, I am more than happy to bring you the chance to pre order your copy of #UGH53!!! You are now one click away from pre ordering your own copy!!

Here is the Pre order link to order directly from the good people at Underground Hustlin! Just follow the Pre Order button and you can order directly from their site! Also, if you pre-order, you get to be a part of a special offer from UGH! When you pre order from the above web site, you get to have your name mentioned in the booklet!! This is a rare change to be added to the dopeness that is #UGH53!!

If you don’t decide to pre order, I will have a link for everyone that would like to order directly from EMP Music, and AD6 soon! So please keep an eye out for new posts here on the site as well as on our facebook! (

Please take advantage of this opportunity and if not, please order from us here, or make sure to get your copy from us in person!! We will be more than happy to hook you up in person with a photo or some EMP/Ad6 swag!!

Until next time, much love, be safe and keep the fight alive!