Top Five Hendrix Songs for Guitarists!

Whats up world? It’s Inviere here with a little top five for all the guitar players and music fans out there, and this one will not disappoint! Prepare for a bran new “experience”! So kick back, tune in and drop out! But please don’t set anything on fire!

Now, recently I have been getting back into the swing of things and have been knocking off the dust off of a few of my old six-strings, and as a part of my routine I try to listen to some of my favorite guitarists to get pumped up. So, I decided to share some of my favorite songs that get me ready to jam, and record some of the new tracks for the upcoming album.

A few things first…this list is just for fun! I will not be going into a detailed history of Mr. Hendrix, or the technical side of his playing style, or hell, even why you should listen to these songs. I’m only listing them based on how they inspire me to become a better guitarist. If you are looking for a detailed break down of how he played this note or that one, or a detailed essay on what he was doing when these songs were recorded, then I’m sorry this post is not for you. But if you are looking for some good tunes that tell good stories, have some good riffs, and can inspire you to create something new, then my friends please stay a while and enjoy the trip!

#5 “Little Wing” – Axis” Bold as Love

Okay, I said I wasn’t going to say too much about guitar styles or any history lessons, but I can’t let you off that easy! This track is one that I feel starts off the entire “Hendrix” feel of guitar tones and playing style. When I hear this track, sadly I get flashbacks to the movie “Blood in, Blood Out”, where the artistic brother is shooting heroine in his studio apartment. But besides that strange mental bookmark, the song for me, brings up a really deep emotional connection to the story in the song. “She comes to me, with a thousand smiles she gives to me free..”, talking about the comfort someone can provide just brings up that tight feeling in my throat. Love this song, and it reminds me how short and sweet a powerful song can be.

#4 “Castles Made of Sand” – Axis: Bold as Love

Here you get glimpses of people’s hopes and dreams, their aspirations and hopes, and sadly the tragedies that follow with them. When I listen to this song, I can’t help but think how excellent the song writing is. How perfectly he was able to paint a picture of these three people that we all can connect with. From a technical viewpoint, this is where Jimi uses the reverse effect on his guitar. Now I can’t help but think there was some deep connection to the effect and the lyrics. That the reverse guitar solo was a metaphor for wanting to go back and change things. I know that’s kind of out there, but I know we all have that desire to change things in the past and I think the reverse effect was a perfect way to describe that emotion sonically.

#3 “Bold As Love” – Axis: Bold As Love

Now this song is just genius, and trust me when I say that if it wasn’t for the other two songs on the list it would have been for sure number one. Okay, I know you’re asking, “…but Inviere, if you like the song so much, why not put it at number one?” Well my friends, it’s not because the other two overshadowed this one, or that they were written better or had better guitar solos. It’s because the other two express the same emotion and passion but in different directions. This song, expresses such love and positive vibes it’s saturated by it. For me, this song IS the perfect example of “Hendrix” writing, and guitar style. Descriptive lyrics, liquid-like guitar riffs and tones, and a feeling that is undeniable. The perfect love song, the perfect funeral song (sorry, I’m dark like that…), 15 out of 10!…oh and it has some cool guitar stuff going on, but this one is all about lyrics and that “emotional kick-to-the-chest”.

#2 “Red House” – Are you Experienced

When I heard this song for the first time, to be honest I was so glad there wasn’t a psychedelic bridge or jam session. I was so happy that it was a blues song. For me, this was a good look at what Jimi grew up listening to. This was like talking with him about his inspirations in musical form, and if our conversation was a song. Like I said before, I was worried that there was going to be some crazy solo that would take the song in another direction, but I was so happy that it stayed with the bluesy vibe, this is why I placed it here. It is a clear example, not only of skill, but of the versatility of Jimi. Talking again from the guitar side, pure blues with the “Hendrix” tone and attitude. The riffs are classic, but they seem new and fresh, with a different taste than if other players played them. This is not a blues song, is a Hendrix blues song.

#1 “Machine Gun” – ???

Well my friends, this is the final song and I think most of you should know why. This was picked not only because of the excellent guitar tones and technique, but for the perfect social commentary and political over tones. This song was made at a time very similar to our own, and as the old adage goes, “learn from the past….” Now I hate to end this post on a downer, but things are not getting better out there and we need more artists to stop all the shallow music out there and make a creative statement with their work. Now, I’m not saying to stop making pop songs and start preforming protest chants to a beat. What I’m saying is make a statement and stand up for something. Stand up for what you believe in and express it in a peaceful way in your daily life and art work. And if you’re into smoking pot with hot girls and driving in fast cars then by all means make a statement about that, just don’t expect any one to listen or to follow you. Bottom line, have a message, make a statement, be the change you want to be…

So that’s it guys and galls! Not too bad right? Well I hope we all had fun listening to some good tunes and I hope we all are inspired to play guitar, write a song, or start a movement. Stay tuned for more posts like these coming soon, as well as other quality entertainment from this corner of the web!

As Always, be safe out there, have fun and keep the fight alive!



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