Hustlers Pack 001 Available NOW!!


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Whats up world!! Once again it’s your brother from another mother-ship, Joseph Inviere, back with some more freshness!

Last night I posted the purchase link to UGH 53, and now I wanna offer you guys something special. I mentioned in a few posts back that I wanted to start offering merch packs for different occasions and events, well guys and galls this is the first of many! Here is the first merch pack!

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UGH 53 On Sale NOW!!!


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Whats up world?! It’s Inviere here with some new fresh updates!!

As most of you know the Legion of Doom recently made some major moves on the underground, and here is the proof! I present to you, UGH53 hosted by the one and only Twisted Insane! Now if you have been following the blog, you know that we have been waiting for these CD’s to come in so we can share them with you! I have brought you all the teasers, the pre-order, and now boys and girls here is your chance to order your copy from the source!

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Creative Frustration

Now I know most of us have had this issue and I am not the only one to suffer from this. This unbearable, gut retching, hair-pulling emotion I am referring to is the dreaded angst of not being able to create. The frustration of not being able to put into words the inability to work in your chosen medium. This is not to be confused with a lack of inspiration or creativity, but linked to the inability to put into motion the process of creating.

Maybe it’s something external, possibly internal? But the bottom line, when we feel this way we can’t work, and when we don’t work we don’t eat, and so on. So how do we deal with this issue? How do we break the cycle of looking for inspiration, finding it, and them not being able to do anything with it? It’s like chasing the dragon, or trying to catch light in a bottle. We are always looking for the next thing to inspire us, only to have it fade away when we get to the keyboard, photo-shoot or recording session. Do we stop for a while? Do we stop “trying to force it?”, or any of the other cliche bullshit everyone else tells us? I say no, and I’ll tell you why we should keep on going even when it seems we have no reason to.

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Music Promo 2014

Hey whats up world?! It’s Inviere, back with another music up date from the new album!

Here is a exclusive video promo/teaser for a new track I’m currently working on. Now this new track is something new, and I haven’t been down this direction is a while, so when I was producing this track it was a breath of fresh air. I put this video together this after noon before work, so I didn’t have time to post it until now. It’s nothing too complex, just a quick tease of what you can expect just to give you an idea of what the track sounds like.

As I said in an earlier post, I want to document as much as I can with this new album, and this video is a start. I will be working on exclusive posts/sneak peaks and updates here and there so keep an eye out! So with that being said, take a look at the video and post your comments below! Can’t wait to read your responses!

Like always, it’s Inviere here, signing out and wishing all of you out there a good night! So say we all!


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