Inviere’s Guitar Upgrades

Whats up world? It’s Inviere here with some news from the studio. As some of you may know, I have been slowly bringing back the guitar arsenal, and updating each axe so they can be used to record my new album. Now, I plan to have a new series of posts that detail all the different upgrades and modifications to all the equipment in the studio. I also plan on documenting the production of the album to give you guys an inside look as well as a chance to add some new content for the site. You can look forward to some new video blogs, some new podcasts as well as new music as soon as it’s created! Before I get to ahead of myself, let me tell you all about the most recent upgrade.


To start with, the guitar that we are talking about is one of my favorites! This is the one that I have been working with for the longest time and has been with me on many different projects. This is the Peavy stratocaster that has been tooled on for many years and I am proud to say it has now started another of it’s many lives. Now guys, this is one of my first guitars, and when I say that it has been tooled on, I mean it! I have refinished this guy, re-wired it more times than I would like to admit, and has seen hundreds of hours of studio and performance time!

Guitar_001I’m sure that everyone has had a guitar like this. The first guitar that you decide to customize, take apart, and basically learn how to do fix things with. This guitar is like your first girlfriend that let you go all the way. Of course the memories are something you will never forget, but technically, you never really knew what you were doing either. But, despite the many years of changing components, a variety different tunings, and more paint jobs than your neighborhood lowrider, this guitar is back in action with some serious sonic upgrades. So believe me when I say,you will defiantly hear this on the new album.

Just want to say that the sonic onslaught is brought to you by the wonderful guys at EMG Pickups and their fabulous products. Now, I just want to say that if you have never burnt yourself with hot soldering iron, you may not realize the awesomeness of these pick ups. EMG is the only company (that I know of) that offers complete solder-less installs of their products. What this means is, no more heating up that iron, no more burns or cold solders, only bad ass tone with a modern design. I only had to use my soldering iron few times to remove the old components, but other than that, the entire process was solder-less! So if you’re like me, and you hate soldering in new pick ups or electronics check out EMG and give them a try on your favorite axe. The pick up even came with all the connectors and pots, one volume and one tone, well worth it!
There were a few other repairs and modifications, but nothing too fancy or glamorous. I dropped a new bone nut since the last one died when the guitar took a spill a while back, but other than that there were no other changes. I’m still considering some new locking tuners, and maybe some new black hardware, but you never know with this beast! I did have to go down to the local music store for some help with finding the right nut for the guitar, but like always it is a great experience. Being a local shop, everyone knows you, and if they don’t they are quick to introduce themselves and become your friend. Talking with the boys, we found the right and they even hooked it up with a free set of Ernie Ball Cobalt slinky top, heavy bottom! (just my set!) So once I told them what I was up to, the gave a helping hand and wanted to know if they could help out in any way. I told them that I had everything under control, but I will be going to them for some other updates in the future, BUT, thats getting into next weeks post! Real quick, I just want to show some love to EMG Pick ups, my local guitar store Hubbards Music and More, and Ernie Ball Strings.
Till next time all you guys and gals, be safe and keep the fight alive! Tune in next week for another episode of the Instrument upgrades and more dopeness!