Creative Frustration

Now I know most of us have had this issue and I am not the only one to suffer from this. This unbearable, gut retching, hair-pulling emotion I am referring to is the dreaded angst of not being able to create. The frustration of not being able to put into words the inability to work in your chosen medium. This is not to be confused with a lack of inspiration or creativity, but linked to the inability to put into motion the process of creating.

Maybe it’s something external, possibly internal? But the bottom line, when we feel this way we can’t work, and when we don’t work we don’t eat, and so on. So how do we deal with this issue? How do we break the cycle of looking for inspiration, finding it, and them not being able to do anything with it? It’s like chasing the dragon, or trying to catch light in a bottle. We are always looking for the next thing to inspire us, only to have it fade away when we get to the keyboard, photo-shoot or recording session. Do we stop for a while? Do we stop “trying to force it?”, or any of the other cliche bullshit everyone else tells us? I say no, and I’ll tell you why we should keep on going even when it seems we have no reason to.

People will tell us to stop and take a break if they see us working to hard or struggling with creativity. They will be quick to try and divert us from our goal and even though these attempts seem genuine and with good intentions, it is only a temporary fix. I compare it to not getting up when you fall, and letting someone tell you its okay to never get back up. This may not be the case with the creative frustration, but if we stop when we are not inspired, we run the risk of never getting back on track or even worse, not progressing as an artist.

So what I suggest is simple. It is something that I am currently experimenting with at the moment, so no sure solution or quick fix, just a work in progress and an attempt to make a change. There are tons of resources online for “forcing” you to be creative, these only give you more inspiration that may not go anywhere. These will guilt trip you into doing a project that you may not be fully invested in. Sure we can knock out a few commercials for local businesses, design a logo for a few bands, but is that what we really love? Nothing wrong with paying the bills, but when it comes down to it we pay the bills so we can do what really makes us happy, and if we can’t do that what’s the point? What I suggest (and have been doing recently) is to go back to basics. Focus on your fundamentals, bettering your craft and becoming the artist that you really want to be.

This new tactic to destroy the creative block that we faced many times is simple, and I compare it to Batman. Now before I lose you to the analogy, let me explain. The Idea is simple, you can’t go straight out and start landing major gigs for your art or getting the big part in a new film if you are still having creative issues. This is just like how Bruce Wayne couldn’t just start going out catching criminals with out becoming Batman first. I mean there was some serious training before Batman was Batman. So going back to the creative block scenario, if we doubt our skills as artists we can’t be the best that we could be, so we need to go back and train ourselves to be the artists that we want to be. Study technique, get into the local scene, hone your skills and talents before you try another major project. Sure enough once you get more specialized in your skills, you will feel the urge to create again, I guarantee it.

So as always the solution is practice. Practice will indeed make perfect and the next time we find ourselves blocked by a lack of creativity go practice. As always, a good foundation will let you build up your skill and help you express more than you could before. So I say instead of taking a break, go practice something new and then go back to working on your projects. Learn something new and with that knowledge go and create something wonderful.

Till next time people, it’s Inviere signing off. Be safe and as always, keep the fight alive and stay safe!



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