UGH 53 On Sale NOW!!!


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Whats up world?! It’s Inviere here with some new fresh updates!!

As most of you know the Legion of Doom recently made some major moves on the underground, and here is the proof! I present to you, UGH53 hosted by the one and only Twisted Insane! Now if you have been following the blog, you know that we have been waiting for these CD’s to come in so we can share them with you! I have brought you all the teasers, the pre-order, and now boys and girls here is your chance to order your copy from the source!

Included on UGH 53 is tracks from some of the sickest Underground Hustlers from all around the world! Including Jesse Tha Juggla, CBRD, Prometheus, and yours truly Joseph Inviere, as well as Twisted Insane and others! So if you are a fan of the underground, or that wicked shit you NEED to get your copy now!!

You support is always appreciated and as always your love supports the Empowered Movement and everything we do here! Keep an eye out for special “Hustle Packs” that are coming soon (sooner than you think). These packs will include a copy of UGH 53, two (2) EMP Stickers as well as a special gift!

Much love to Will “Intrinzik” Glass &,, Twisted Insane, AD6 & CBRD (for your crazy ass schemes!!) and all the Underground Hustlers for doing their thing!! See you all on UGH 54!!!

As Always, thank you all for your continued support and keep the fight alive! See you on the other side!