Hustlers Pack 001 Available NOW!!


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Whats up world!! Once again it’s your brother from another mother-ship, Joseph Inviere, back with some more freshness!

Last night I posted the purchase link to UGH 53, and now I wanna offer you guys something special. I mentioned in a few posts back that I wanted to start offering merch packs for different occasions and events, well guys and galls this is the first of many! Here is the first merch pack!

I’m calling this one the “Hustlers Pack”, it includes a copy of my recently released album, “The Black Blood”, two (2) EMP Stickers (for mobile destruction!), as well as your very own copy of UGH53 (Hosted by TWISTED INSANE)!!! These will be available here at the store, in person at special events, and will only be out for a short time! I plan on releasing  a few of these packs as more CD’s come into stock, and you know they will be PACKED with underground freshness! Also I have a special offer for all you hustlers out there so stay tuned!!

When you purchase your Hustlers pack, you will be given instructions on how to participate in a few “Street Missions”. I want you to show us where you deploy your stickers by sharing a pic with the hash tag #EMPowered and the top 5 pics will be shared here at the site as well as EMP’s Facebook as well as my personal Facebook and twitter!! Plus if you want to show love just tweet with the hash tag #EMP_Military and follow me @Inviere_EMP for cool updates and inside peeks at the mind of Inviere!

So there you have it kiddos! Get your Hustlers pack today and show us where you put your stickers!!! The craziest one WINS!! Till next time lovely’s, Inviere signing off! Be safe, and keep the fight alive!!!