Motivation for the Struggle


Hey everyone! It’s the one and only Joseph Inviere and in this weeks entry I want to give a gentle reminder that we all have a struggle to over come, and some of us are still fighting to over come their struggles. This is dedicated to the fighters, the ones that are still trying to bring light to their inner darkness! I would like to shed a little light on how I over come those times of self doubt and creative block. These are just some things I’ve noticed tend to help out when I run into the same issues. I hope these help out not only the aspiring artists, but help out in your daily life as well.

I know that this topic can be difficult for some people to try and work with or even attempt to change. It is hard to make a change in your life or lifestyle, I mean you worked on it for your entire life! But with some little steps we can do in our everyday lives, we can make some small changes that will defiantly become a positive movement in our life! Now, I’m not going to list off some cliche self help techniques or anything like that. I’m going to share with you all a few of the “methods” that I use to not only power me through the down times, but help me finish projects and get new one’s started. So expect a little miss-mash of everything!

The first thing that I usually do in situations where I might not be feeling to creative, or I might be feeling stressed over something at my day job, is just to get unload all those negative feelings as soon as I get home or into the studio. I usually play some new music from my favorite artist while I relax or unwind. I have to get my mind to switch gears from the daily life, to my more creative life. To do this I try to go over any past projects that I have been working on, or anything that I would like to continue. I take notes on where I left off at, as well as what I would like to improve on. Once I see where I’m at on certain projects, I can get a good idea of where I’m at on the bigger scale. It’s as simple as that! I try and isolate what needs to be worked on then get everything organized in order to get it worked on.

Now some issues may not be as easy as that. Sometimes we have a time where all the projects are done, and we have nothing but a blank canvas in front of us. This is the time that I like to zone everything out. I like to truly forget about everything that I have been working on and just let myself create. I don’t worry about the end product, I focus on what I’m doing at the moment. If I’m working on a song, I try to make sure that all the elements sound the way I want them, and then I lay out everything so I can just fill free to play and produce something new.

I know what you’re saying, “But Joseph! I have stuff to work on, but I’m just not feeling it anymore! What do I do?” Well in that case, when I find myself feeling the same way I do one of two things. One, I just put things off until I “feel” it. This frees me up to focus on other things that may be important at the time. This strategy is not to run away from your projects, but to give your projects time to “cool down” while you can do what I like to call “foundation work”. This is basically all the little things that will bring the house down if we didn’t do them. I can never really feel free to create if my house is a mess, and the same can be said about paying bills or working out. If you have a nagging in the back of your head saying that you didn’t pick up the dry cleaning or that you need to fix the leak in the garage, how do you expect to create? You will be surprised at what happens once you’re guilt free!

Now on to number two. Let’s say that you just cleared out your closed and have finished cleaning up all the empty Starbucks containers from your studio, now what? If you still don’t feel creative after you have taken care of everything that you needed to do, what I suggest would be to just practice. Just practice your craft until you get the gears moving. I always surprise myself when I come up with a cool riff when I’m practicing scales, or a cool logo design when I’m just sketching.

So there you have it guys and gals! A little motivation for the struggle and my little tips on how I get myself moving. Now will this work for you? Will this help you make that song that gets you signed? Not likely. Will these help you manage your stress and creative time? Hopefully! I just wanted to put this out there for those people that feel the same way I do, and I really hope this helps someone out there.

As always thank you for reading and leave a comment on what you think! Did this help you out? Or do you have some more tips that helped you out? Feel free to post them below and join the discussion! Till next time, be safe and keep the fight alive!