Smokin’ it, Pourin’ it – Lyric Video

Hey whats up world? It’s Inviere here with a special edition post, with some all new visuals! I have been working on this project and now I wanted to share something new with everyone. Hope you all enjoy!

So here it is the new video for “Smokin’ it and Pourin’ it”. I have been working on this for little while, but sadly I got caught up with some other projects and this one slipped my mind. But I was able to pick up from where I left off at and came up with some additional stuff to add to the video. This was defiantly an interesting project and I was glad to try something new with my animation skills.

The music in the back is one of my latest single’s and I wanted to work with it since I love the vibe, and feeling of the song. You can check the full song on  my SoundCloud, as well as all the other tracks from “Engaged to The Game” mixtape.

Hope you all enjoy! Don’t forget to subscribe to my SoundCloud and check out some of the music you haven’t heard yet. Stay connected here and I will be back with some more cool stuff from the world of Inviere! Till next time, stay safe and keep the fight alive! So say we all!