Hustlers Pack 002 Now Available!!


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Whats up world! It’s Inviere here with another update from the EMP camp! Hope everyone is doing good and that the new year is treating you well!

I’m happy to announce that the new Mix-tape from Jesse tha Juggla, “D.O.A. – Dead on Arrival” is now available! The highly anticipated mix-tape is out now and is hitting the ground running! Juggla and I have been running around, personally handing out copies of the mix-tape since the first hard copies arrived. Juggla has already placed the second order, so we have more available for everyone! So make sure to meet up with us to get your copy!

But, there is more than just the news about the new mix-tape! As I mentioned last year when the first Hustlers Pack was released, I will be releasing a few special addition CD packs. Since the release of the first hustlers pack, things have been crazy! So I want to offer you guys another special edition pack!

In the Hustler pack 2 you will receive copies of the new mix-tape “D.O.A. – Dead on Arrival” as well as a copy of UGH 53 Hosted by the diabolical Twisted Insane! As a special gift you will also receive two EMP stickers so you can participate in the ongoing street mission!!

So place your orders now, or meet up with me or Juggla for your copies! As always your contributions are appreciated, and proceeds will go to funding more products and projects. Stay safe, and thank you for supporting the cause!

So say we all!