New Logo!


"EMP Cubed" - Joseph Inviere

Hey whats up everyone? It’s Inviere here, hoping that your night is going well. I just wanted to pop in and share a new logo design I was messing around with! Hope you all enjoy!

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Back from the underground…


Whats up world? Inviere here with a quick little post for everyone out there in internet-land. I’ve recently took a few days off to get my head right, and now I’m back to work. I wanted to share with you what I’ve been up to and some projects that I have been working on. So lets get into it!

I took a few days off from all the craziness and took some time to sort out of few things in my personal life, and to collect my thoughts. Once again, I have been over-thinking things and been letting stress get the better of me. I had to stop and realize what I was doing, because not only was I hurting myself but I was hurting the people I cared about. So now, after a few days of slowing things down and thinking about what really matters, I am slowly starting to come ’round.

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