Back from the underground…


Whats up world? Inviere here with a quick little post for everyone out there in internet-land. I’ve recently took a few days off to get my head right, and now I’m back to work. I wanted to share with you what I’ve been up to and some projects that I have been working on. So lets get into it!

I took a few days off from all the craziness and took some time to sort out of few things in my personal life, and to collect my thoughts. Once again, I have been over-thinking things and been letting stress get the better of me. I had to stop and realize what I was doing, because not only was I hurting myself but I was hurting the people I cared about. So now, after a few days of slowing things down and thinking about what really matters, I am slowly starting to come ’round.

Recently I have been trying to get into some different music styles that has inspired me to get back into music. This originally was to help ease my mind and get back to writing and producing. But now I’m happy to say that I have been finding some new inspiration in some old classics and some new tracks I’ve found. This has helped me find some new directions and released some new creative juices for the album. I’ve had this urge to get back into creating my own style of music and to get back to my roots. I’m sad to say that I might have let the influence of others get into my head and this might have pushed me into a different place than I intended. So now my mission is to get back into the same head space I first had when I started making music, in a nut shell, be myself again.

With all that a side, I’ve already recorded and mixed down some tracks for the new album and have came up with the official title (another blog post). So, work is being done and with every day more and more progress is being made. I would like a few more tracks to round up to a 15 track count, but I’ve been taking my time and making sure that everything is sounding good before moving on. Right now, I think I have like 5 songs that are in 5 different stages of completion. So things are kinda every where at the moment, but I’m making some ground.

I’m really excited about this next chapter and I hope that everything works out. At the same time I’m trying not to over-think things and go with the flow. It’s a delicate balancing act and I hope that I can put some of these uneasy feelings into the album and create some good tunes.

Till next time! Inviere here, wishing you all well! Keep the fight alive!