Drop the Baggage – Album update!


Hey whats up guys! Inviere here with another post. I know I’ve been away for a short while, but it has all been worth it! In this edition, I’ll go over some new stuff with the album, some updates on some new video projects and some random thoughts on some stuff that has been messing with me. Nothing major, nothing out of the ordinary just some loving words to all my friends and family out there. So with no further delay, lets get to it!

I believe the last time I was speaking about the album I was talking about my past musical influences and how they have inspired some new tracks. Well my friends, I’m proud to say that this lucky streak has continued and I find myself fixated on my pen and pad. That’s right, I’ve wrapped on principle production and now I’m focusing on writing some songs that are meaningful to me. I have dropped a lot of “Artist baggage” and I try to go with my artistic side. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not writing bullshit songs; I’m just not listening to that voice that says, “I’m not good enough” or, “That song’s not good enough”. So I have been liberated in that sense, and now just working on the message/theme of the album.

I have been thinking of working more in video and trying to build a more active YouTube channel. I just want to continue some old projects like my podcast from the old radio station and possibly start some new stuff with the music or live performance. In case you have not noticed I have been making some changes and have been doing a little housekeeping at the channel. Unfortunately I have removed some videos, but I promise that new stuff will replace what is lost. I’ve been holding back, because of our old friend “Artist baggage” and have been stopped before even shooting! So once again I’ve fought against this and have been prepping for a jump into the media maelstrom. Check out all the new changes and the new projects at My YouTube Channel

Now, I’ve been talking a lot about getting rid of baggage and trying to get over the self doubt. So this rant will be semi dedicated to that….sort of. Now, I’m a fan of being yourself and not conforming to the establishment, so I don’t want to sound like the voice in your head telling you to rebel or say “Fuck it!”, but I want you to not limit yourself when being creative. This is something that I’m working on and I’m happier since doing so. So why would I not want you to do the same? If I feel better after losing the un-needed “Artistic Baggage” so why not share this with my people? I hope this helps you all like how it has helped me.

So that’s it! Not bad eh? A quick little read while your scrolling through your collective timelines, and now you know whats happening! I hope you all stay tuned for the next update coming soon, and check out the YouTube in the mean time. Also, I as always make sure to sign up for the mailing list so you can receive your free track, and exclusive sneak peeks of blog posts so you get the heads up before everyone else! Sign up here, EMP Newsletter.

Till next time family! Be safe and make sure to keep the fight alive! Keep connected with me at @Inviere_EMP for some more randomness with a splash of Inviere-craziness!