I Just Wanna Get High Ft. The High Society

Whats up world! It’s Inviere back again with another music post! This time it is in honor of both the underground holiday 4-20, and my brothers track “I Just Wanna get High” featuring, The High Society. This one is dedicated to everyone celebrating today, and what better way to celebrate then with some tunes!

So we (Juggla and I) were hanging out in the studio and we were not-so-patiently waiting for the hour to pass so we could welcome 4-20-2015, and this song came on. I realized that I had not shared it here so I wanted to share it with you all for the holiday. I hope you take a listen while you celebrate, and I hope that you celebrate responsibly!

Make sure to follow Jesse Tha Juggla, and our friends The High Society and stay tuned for more posts here at the site. Till next time be safe and make sure that you be safe this holiday!

Much love!