Ash Trays and Empty Cans – Blog


Hey whats up everyone! It’s Inviere here, hoping that everything is going good and that you all are super-chilled on this Thursday! I just wanted to give a little post 4/20 holiday update for all my people out there! So lets get to it!

Now, this holiday was nothing major but it does come with a lot of controversy all around it. Fortunately for us (my family and I), it was just a spring holiday that we were able to spend the day outside grilling, enjoying the spring weather, and of course…smoking. I had ran all my errands earlier in the day so it was clear for the afternoon, and a recent schedule change had given me the day of, and the following day off so I had no complaints. I had nothing planed but a turn of events lead me down the path of making barbeque sauce and grilling. Long story short I was going to celebrate, make some good food and then enjoy the night with some amazing plants and good drinks. This was a closed event sadly, but there will always be next time!

Unfortunately, nothing was documented so you will have to imagine the awesomeness that was the 4/20/2015 celebration. This was low-key when compared to some of the other holidays, but I’m happy to say it was one of my favorites so far.

Did you have a crazy holiday, or was your celebration super-chilled like mine? Were you able to celebrate? Tell me in the comments and let me know how you celebrated this year. Till next time, keep the fight alive and stay positive!

Much love,