EMP and AD6 live!! – After action report!


Hey what’s up my amazing readers and listeners?! It’s Inviere here again with another post from the underground, and a quick break down of the most recent live event! I go into some details about the show, and the new venue. So check out how things went and take a look at the visuals. Let’s get it!!

Now as you all know I have been super busy with the new album and all the madness of my real life, but our family over at AD6 was able to set up an AMAZING live show!! So I just wanted to give you the quick rundown of the show for everyone that couldn’t make it, or not in the US. Unfortunately I was not shooting at the show, but I was able to get some photos from online, so no worries! Check out the flyer below, it was designed by the one and only Prometheus, ringleader at AD6.


*Flyer courtesy of Prometheus

The homies from AD6 had put together another crazy event to welcome my good homie CBRD back to Cruces for a belated birthday concert and underground bash. This featured all of AD6 as well as EMP Music, so you know it was an epic night!! We had The Owl Cartel (owlcartel.com) run the sound and provide some amazing lights for the event, and they definitely added a sexy touch to the venue. Check out this photo below from the sound check, shout out to Kingpin.


*Photo courtesy of Juggla

Now, this venue was not your ordinary hip hop hall, bar or club, this was Haphazard Hall. The notorious practice room for local punk and metal bands and a DIY Punk palace was synonymous with not allowing hip hop within it’s doors, but with the help of a few of the founders we were able break that seal and set up this show. We had a lot riding on this show plus people doubted the music would fit the venue. I was a little extra paranoid than normal but it all worked out in the end. I was surprised how things went, and overall everyone really stepped their game up at this show. I was excited to be a part of this event and I’m more than happy to see the music progressing into new places. Check out my boys, CBRD (far left), Kiko of Legit Alpha (far right) and Kingpin (center).


*Photo courtesy of Juggla 

This show was more of a learning experience for me than anything. This was the first show that I was a part of the behind the scenes action and it was a new experience to see how things were done. There were drink sales, merch sales, door sales and tons of other stuff to watch over it was dizzying. Maybe it was just me being my normal over-protective self, but I didn’t want anything to go wrong and I wanted things to go as smoothly as possible. I guess all the awkwardness paid off because it was too dope and a few technical issues with the set the night was perfect.

Here is a shot of the merch that was on sale that night and by the end of the night everything was cleared off! All hats and CD’s were gone, so mixed with the excellent vibe and all the amazing people that made it out the night was a total success in my book. The only drawback was running out of stuff to sell, and this is something that I wish happens more often! In retrospect, we should have bought some extra water and other drinks for the crowd, but it’s all learning and preparation for the next one!


*Photo courtesy of Juggla

Me and Juggla had been working on our live set and we knew we were going to rock the stage. Although I had a little technical troubles at the start we were still able to pull it together and get excited for the performance. The younger artists were dope and I think the different sounds were a good mix for everyone, but nothing compared to the headliners when they destroyed the club and kept things going until the early morning. The AD6 family did work that night, and EMP was more than happy to help and kill it! I just want to say thanks again to all the AD6 team for letting us take part in the festivities and shout out to all the other performers that did their thing and held it down.

Here are some more photos from around the venue so you can get an idea of how things looked. Photos above are credit of Juggla’s IG, and the photos below courtesy homie Drummer Jake from the venue.

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I hope to play more shows here and keep this place rolling so we can improve and get some more major events happening. For now, I’m happy how things turned out and more than excited to have the opportunity to have played there.

So until next time, be safe, enjoy every moment, and keep the fight alive.