“How We get Down” Ft. Loveli One (Truman Remix)

How We get Down” Ft. Loveli One (Truman Remix)

Hey whats up my most excellent family and friends around the globe, hope you all are doing great on this Friday! Inviere here with another quick post for you all, and in this edition I bring you the remixed track for “How We Get Down”, featuring the most talented Loveli One! This was remixed by the amazing DJ Tuman, so press play and read on!

I remember posting this a while back, but while I was editing some tracks on my soundcloud account I found this track on DJ Truman’s page. In my original post, the final song was not posted online and I kinda left you all hanging without a link to hear the re-mix. SO…I’m correcting my mess up and bringing you the link proper so you can hear it and re-post to your playlist!

When hearing this, I was more than happy to hear how he used the original vocal provided by Loveli One and how it blended perfectly with the new up-tempo track. This was one of the first times that a song with a guest feature was re-mixed by another DJ/producer, so having things turn out so well only makes it better. Hope you all enjoy!

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Till next time! Take care and as always, stay empowered and keep the fight alive!