July 15, 2015 – UPDATES


 Hey whats up my amazing readers and listeners! Inviere here with another update for Today July 15th, 2015. In this edition I will be going over some updates to the site. Also, I will be going over a some new content that will be coming soon to the site. So kick back, relax and lets get it!

So the first thing that I wanted mention were the updates to the online store and the new page called “Digital Downloads”. Here is how they work. So in the past when you wanted to purchase something from the site you had to visit that products page for the purchase link. For example, you would have to go to the post for the “Black Blood” album, but you would have to load older posts until you got there. I noticed that there was a simpler way to do this so I made a list to choose from, and created the new online store! Check out the changes HERE.

With the new updates you can quickly see all the products listed with their Paypal buttons, product description, and if the product is available! So now, you can see what is in-stock, click the Paypal link, and check out! SO much simpler than how it was before.

After making the changes to the online store I wanted to make a new page only for all the music that was not pressed on a CD yet. So I took the idea for the Online Store, and made the new “Digital Downloads” page. This will help out in the same way as the Online Store, and will make it easier to get those tracks out to you all!

Now lastly, I wanted to bring up the cool new graphics in the sidebar. These are links to sign up for my Newsletter, and quick links to the Online Store and to the Photo’s section. So make sure to check these out!

Until next time you guys, be safe and keep the fight alive! See you on the other side!



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