“You Got what it Takes” – Rap Competition Part III & IV

Hey whats up my most excellent readers and listeners?!? It’s Inviere here and I hope that you all are doing well!! I’m back again with another edition of the “You Got what it Takes” Rap competition! In this edition I bring you the next episodes in the series, and we take another look at some more behind the scenes freshness, as well as a performance by Aeon with Prometheus! We have more episodes to come and more dope clips coming to you all! So kick back, crack open a cold one and check out Episode III & IV!

Check out Episode III above and hang with us before the main event, and get check out a little performance by Infinity before the show. Then get settled in for the main even in Episode IV!!

Above we see the performance of “Smoked out” by Aeon with Prometheus holding it down! Check out the performance and vibe out as the homies killed the stage!! In the final episodes we will have the conclusion of the entire series and the results of the main event INCLUDING a little after-party footage as well!

So take a look at the episodes and make sure to tune in for the conclusion in the next post!!

Till next time, keep the fight alive and stay EMPowered!!!