Sweet Distractions – BLOG


Hey whats up my amazing readers and listeners?!? Inviere here and I hope that everything on your side of the globe is excellent! I’m here with a quick post while I work on the new video’s and new music coming soon! In this edition, I go over what I call “Sweet Distractions”, as well as some randomness from the last few weeks! So with no further delay let’s get to the post!

For the past few weeks I’ve been working on video’s from my adventures with the wicked and wild AD6 crew. The boys from AD6 were kind enough to have The Juggla and I come along for a few shows in the El Paso area. We had drinks, made some friends and like always rocked a set for loyal hip hop fans in the Southwest. I didn’t want you all to feel neglected, so I wanted to give you a little something to hold you down between concerts!

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Check out Parts I-IV OUT NOW!!

This brings me to the subject of today’s post, “Sweet Distractions”. These are small distractions we think don’t hold us back. But end up KILLING productivity and inspiration! These wonderful bastards are small things like checking emails or social media. For some of us it’s finding the best playlist before a work out, or trying to multitask more than we can. Either way, these things can be helpful in our professional lives. I’m not saying to never return a phone call or email, I’m saying we all have them! The trick is (like with everything) is to manage time and recognize when you are slipping.

When I notice that I check my Twitter feed three times in a row, I try to focus on what I’m working on. Either by throwing the phone across the room, or by ignoring the meme wars online. As hard as it sounds we need to peel our screen soaked eyes away from the phone and do some work. I like to think of it as paying your “Time bill”. We pay the time bill with focused energy to finish a task or project. We then enjoy some free time or some other reward later. A quote that I heard sums it up, “Success is never owned, it is only rented and the rent is due every day”. What I took from this was that to be successful you need to always work on it and you can never rest and “own” your success.

Looking back, I think of distractions as payday loans or credit loans. They let you relax now but FUCK your credit up later if you don’t pay back the loans. So it’s cool to chill and play video games for a few hours, or miss a few workouts twice a week. But its going to be that much harder to get the results you want.


Don’t be like this guy…

I like to work as hard as I can when I first wake up and have gotten ready for the day. I can finish everything that I need so I can mess around later on. I know it gets hard to stay focused on what we need to while all this cool stuff is happening around us. So like the Libra I am, I say stay BALANCED! If you have been working hard and focused for a few hours, take a break and get a cup of coffee! (Or a Beer!) As long as you feel like you have made some progress it should be fine. But don’t sell yourself short and take a break after every sentence on your post, EARN IT!

I hope this helps put things in perspective and helps you snap back to work! When I describe things as money I tend to pay more attention and the subject tends to “stick” better. I have the fear of falling behind on my bills, so it helps to use that same fear into other parts of my professional life.

Let me know if this works for you or if you have any other tips to help fight distractions when they come up. Till next time, stay safe and productive! Keep the fight alive and I’ll see you on the bounce!

So say we all!

Joseph Inviere