EMP Music Reviews – Mickeys Plastic 40oz Bottles & Pizza Hut’s Big Box!!

Hey whats up everyone! Inviere here, and I hope you all are doing well! Im back again this week to bring you something a little different! In this edition I wanted to share with you a video The Juggla and I shot this weekend. In the video we review the new plastic 40oz Mickey’s bottle, and the Pizza hut Big Box. We throw a little shade in our review, but give our honest option while having fun! So lets get to it!

Above you can see the link to the Youtube clip, and I hope you take the time to watch us chill and give our options. Please comment the video or here and tell us if you have come across the plastic 40 bottles, or the pizza! Also, tell us about your favorite pizza and beer combination!

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Till next time people, be safe and keep the fight alive!