New Music! Inner Voices Ft. Patch

Hey whats up my amazing listeners! Inviere here, and I’m supper excited for this post! I have a new track from the upcoming album and I wanted to share it with everyone here! In this edition I have the track “Inner Voices” featuring Patch. You can check out the track above and hear all the cool details of how we made this track below! So lets get to it!

Now, this track is featuring Patch an amazing artist and musician from Las Cruces music scene. Currently Patch is living in the North west United States, and is working on various projects. Check him out on Facebook for more info, and to get some of his new projects.

We worked together on this track and were able to record all the instruments you hear. Patch played his ideas and I was lucky enough to record and arrange them. After recording the vocals we called it a day, and I began the mixing process. We created this track on my old PC, and I had to recover most of the tracks again after the PC went down. Some time passed and I was able to find all tracks and finish the mix.

I was happy with the final track since it had so many different guitar sounds, and an interesting sound. Check out the track and make sure to comment what you think! Keep an eye out for the album coming soon!

Till next time my people, stay safe and keep the fight alive!