“You Got what it Takes” – Rap Competition Part V & VI

Hey what’s up?!? Greetings to to all the readers and listeners throughout the globe! Inviere here, and I hope all is well! In this edition we conclude the series that kicked off this summers events! We pick up in episode 5 and then we take a look at the after party in episode 6. So kick back, relax and see the start of it all!

So, as I mentioned above. This post picks up right after Episode 4, and we see the impression made on the crowd. I was able to capture a few shout-outs on camera, and got to pick up all the excitement of the show. I just want to give more love and respect to the other performers at the show. Thanks for having AD6 and EMP in your city and letting everyone play. Cheers!

After the initial impact of the performance, we jump into the results. I will not spoil this for you here, so no worries! But I will tell you this moment kicked off a chain of events that turned out to be great.

Thanks again to Prometheus, Aeon , Infinity, and Jesse the Juggla. Also I want to say a special thanks to the lovely ladies Rose and Tiff, for holding it down as well.

As we go into episode 6 you see the aftermath at Sound Mind Soulutions studio. The Boys get down in some crazy freestyles, while tossing a few back. Enjoy the madness and rawness at the end of the night.

Well that will bring us to the end of this series! It was an amazing experience and I’m glad to be apart of it all. Thank you to everyone that took the time to watch the entire series. Please make sure to like and subscribe for more!

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Until next time, Inviere here signing out! Please be safe out there and keep the fight alive! Stay EMPowered!