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Hey Whats up my amazing readers and listeners! Inviere here, and I hope all is well. Before we begin I will like to say that I feel amazing to be back and writing! It has been so long since I have graced the key’s and laid down some words from my side of the globe. So it feels good to be back and I hope you all are excited to hear all the crazy news from the time I was away. In this edition I’ll go over some music stuff, some outstanding real life news, and a bran new venture that I’m truly happy to have started. So without further delay lets get to it!

So, as you all know I basically make monthly posts with either a new song, video or photo set. If not, I usually post an update on everything that is going on with EMP and my self. But unfortunately I have been running around like a mad man in my real life and have not been able to keep up. Not to despair! I’m back again with some lengthy explanation about my short time away as a grown up.

The last time I spoke about my real life I was working at a call center for a major tech company. I was working nights taking calls about broken cellphones, then I made the jump to the day shift. After a few more months of banging my head into the fancy all-in-one computer, stressing about stats and customer reviews, I decided to take my wares elsewhere. I found an opening for a media developer and made my escape. Long story short, I have been working my new gig for the past two months and have been working on assimilating into the new office culture. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not some socially awkward lad that has a hard time fitting in, quite the opposite. I have been spending my time wisely, learning the nuances of my new surroundings and reading my coworkers like a detective looking for a lead. This is safe to say my first real “Grown up” job, and I feel like the youngest among the team. So I have been on my toes learning the new equipment and how everyone operates. It’s been going good now, but I’m on a probational period for six months and won’t know if I’m a permanent hire or if I need to git. I’ll keep you all posted if there are any major changes.

In music news, AD6 and EMP have been gaining ground in the performance arena. We have been playing shows in Texas, Arizona, and our native New Mexico on a regular basis and have been gaining traction. There were a few bumps along the way that came in the form of car troubles and the common cold, but we made it. Now EMP is taking a break to get back with the family and settle down for the holidays while we work on new projects. I have a few video clips from the Arizona trip that should be up soon, but I know there is some very, very crazy stuff on the way!

In the next few months I hope to have a good enough time to finish all pending projects, and record some new songs for the album. Not only is there a new Inviere album in the works, but EMP is trying to finalize some older projects for distribution. It’s my goal to have more to offer next year in the form of merch and CD’s. But I don’t want to let the cat out of the bag quite yet, so you all will have to keep posted!

Now, lastly I want to go into something new to me and something that came completely out of no-where. I recently was looking into the local newspaper and I ran into the normal articles that come out around this time of year. These particular articles hope to inspire the masses into volunteering or donating time at a local soup kitchen, but sadly have no impact, for the most part. Well after reading one of these particular articles I felt a deep pain in my chest. Not sure if this was a panic attack, a sudden urge to weep or just the caffeine in my system, but I felt the need to look into my closets and see if I could donate some old clothes or blankets. So, suddenly empowered by this I took to my social media and asked for help and if anyone on my list had anything to donate. I even put a #hastag to drive the message home. Soon I received some messages in my in-box and I agreed to meet some people and pickup their donations. I’m currently in the middle of this and leave for the first pick up tomorrow. I’m hoping to have a small donation in place before Thanksgiving, and so far things look good. I’m not sure if I should make a video for this or just let it go on the underground. If there are any further developments I’ll post more soon.

So there you have it! The mysterious hiatus solved! New Job, shows out of town and state and new charity events. Not too bad for two months off right? Hopefully this breaks the cycle and you will see more of me soon, but if not I’ll see you in the next edition! Till then be safe and keep the fight alive!




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