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So…in this edition I talk about some really cool travel opportunities that hopefully I can take advantage of. I hardly take vacations, and due to the day gig I have to plan out everything way in advance, so these trips are more than welcome at this point. So let’s get into it!!

Now, some of these trips are purely for fun while some are for music and photo shoots. The first trip is a “hands on” trip to Colorado for a few days to scout the music and food scene. Some of the boys from the Legion of Doom (Juggla and Aeon) are a little crazy when it comes to food, so they wanted to check out some restaurants and coffee shops while I promote and film for the site. I think this trip will be good, not only for the coffee shops (lol) but because its not that far and I can be back soon.

The next trip, or trips will be with my stylist. We will be heading out to a few different locations including both costs and some stops in the Midwest. These trips are for some stuff with her family but we have made plans to photograph people there and test out new locations.

Finally we have the last and major trip location, the gathering of the Juggalos!! Yes folks, I may be taking my first trip to the gathering this year and hopefully play a set with the boys. We all are planning for this trip and sending out demos to play a set on the second stage. This will be a major trip and we haven’t decided of we can even make it, but its still a possibility.

So there you have it! A quick breakdown of what might happen on the next few months. Even if I only take one of these trips best believe that you all will get to see all the photos and video. Knowing me, they will be more exciting than your grandma’s vacation photos, I can promise you that!

So until next time folks, be safe and keep the fight alive!!

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