Lost In Illusion – ON SALE NOW!!!


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Hey whats up world?!? It’s Inviere, back again! Still rocking the cane, and ornery as ever! Glad to be back at it again, and in this edition I bring you another collection of music and words I call, “Lost In Illusion” the Re-born edition. So with no delay, hesitation, or feet-dragging! Lets get to the album!

So as mentioned above, I’m happy to bring to you “Lost In Illusion (Re-Born Edition)”! This album really means a lot to me, mostly because its from early in my music career. Juggla and I placed it about 2010-ish. So its some classic, spacey, dance and trip-pop of my early productions, and my experiments with the dreaded Pitch correction algorithm. I also pulled a lot of inspiration for the lyrics from my favorite sci-fi movies and TV shows, including “Blade Runner”, “Battlestar Galactica”, and “Total Recall”.

There are some gems hidden in this collection including, “Say Yeah” where I sing about facing the end of the world in your favorite dance club. In the track, “We’re at an end…” I go back and forth between the POV of an attack/rescue team and the crew of a disabled and dying star-ship, and so on! I could go on and on, blowing smoke about the album. But to be honest, I really enjoy this album, and it’s crazy enough to stand out (I hope lol).

Now, with all that being said, I hope you enjoy the album! Hard copies are available HERE!!! Digital copies are available at my Band Camp site and the player (above)

So as always, be safe, keep the fight alive and see you on the other side!