“The Chop Shop” – Twisted Insane

“The Chop Shop” – Twisted Insane
Music Video

Good evening everyone all around the globe! Inviere here, back again with another video post! Let’s get to it!
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James Doom – “Ridin’ Real Slow” Ft. Joseph Inviere

“Ridin Real Slow” Ft. Joseph Inviere

New single from James Doom Ft. Joseph Inviere

Hey whats up my amazing listeners?!? I hope you had an awesome weekend and that your Monday wasn’t too bad! Inviere here, and in this edition I want to share with you all a new song by my brother James Doom! I was proud to be able to provide a verse on this song, so I hope you all enjoy! Lets get to it!

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30 Days…

30 Days…

What happens when you stop drinking for 30 days?

Whats up my amazing readers and listeners!? It’s Inviere, as always back again with another entry. In this edition I want to go over something that I may not have shared here before. Recently I decided to stop drinking…for good. As I’ve stopped the booze, I’ve noticed a few things in the past 30 days that I thought I’d share. So with no further delay, let’s gather our thoughts, put the paperwork aside and lets get to it!

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Kutt Calhoun and Twisted Insane LIVE!

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Kutt Calhoun and Twisted Insane LIVE!

Some Photos from the live event! Photos by: Inviere


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