EMP + AD6 (Live!) – 06/09


Flyer Design by: Inviere

EMP + AD6 (Live!)

Event presented by EMP Music & Inviere Entertainment.

Hey whats up my awesome readers! It’s Inviere back again with another concert update! This time EMP takes the reigns and set up the event for our fellow MC’s. In this edition I give all the details for the upcoming event, all the contests for the event, and some more surprises along the way! So lets get to it!

A while back I was building my contacts list for venue’s and club owners. While I was looking I contacted all the venue’s that have been good to us over the months of playing, and I was happy to reach the staff at El Patio Cantina. We had played many of our shows at El Patio, and I was excited to book the venue.

This event is the first of our summer season, and I hope to have one more show in July and host another this August. To open up the summer I wanted to bring some of the heaviest hitters I knew in the game, so I went to the source. After making a few phone calls, we were ready to rock the stage with an amazing line up.

I will also be taking canned food donations at the venue to make a contribution to the local soup kitchen, El Caldito. I wanted to start taking donations at events to build the relationship between musicians and the community. I hope that we can do more than entertain and help those in need.

Everyone has been working hard to promote the event and I was able to negotiate an on air interview on local station KMVR Magic 104.9 FM. I will be introducing Inviere Entertainment to the local area and promoting the event as well as the food drive. I will try and get an audio recording for all of you out there!

If you are in the local area I hope to see you June 9th at El Patio! Until next time keep the fight alive!