Father’s Day

Happy Fathers day!

A little thank you post to the one’s that matter…

Hey whats up?!? Hope everyone out there is doing well and having an amazing Sunday! Of course today is Father’s Day, and I want to say thank you to all the amazing Dad’s out there. In this edition, I’ll like to say thanks to the one’s that have always been there, and try my best to stay positive. Let’s get it!

Now, it has been about 8 years since I lost my father and I’ve had many good times as well as bad. What I’ve learned over the years without my father is to trust in yourself. I’ve had to make choices with my business and music career that I wish I would have had him there for backup. I’ve made good choices and bad one’s, but no matter what I knew I had made my dad proud because he truly believed in what I was doing.

But today is not about dwelling in the past, we are here to celebrate! Let’s celebrate the ones that inspire us to better ourselves. Celebrate the one’s that always believed in us no matter how crazy we sounded. They are the fathers, stepfathers, and even mothers, that helped us when we first had our dreams, and pushed us to make them a reality. I would like to raise a glass in their honor, and wish them well.

Till next time, hold your loved ones close and keep the fight alive. Thanks again, and many blessings.