Sunday Smoke – 06-19

Sunday Smoke – 06-19 by: Inviere

Music to burn to…

Whats up all my amazing listeners and readers! As always, it’s Inviere back again with another edition of, “Sunday Smoke”! In this edition I have some really chilled R&B, along with some new stuff I picked up along the way. I even threw in a favorite from the Twisted Insane concert this past week. So lets get to it!

I hope your weekend has gone well, and that you have an easy week ahead. This weeks playlist is something to help ease your way into the week. With a sound mind and chilled attitude I hope you can relax and vibe out to the playlist.

If you have any suggestions on tunes, make sure to comment below and subscribe for more playlists. Inviere here, and I hope you stay blessed and mellow.